Research Area

  • Complex multi source and heterogeneous data processing techniques: classification, clustering, semi supervised learning, multi kernel learning, feature selection, multi task learning, multi view learning, ensemble learning, network analysis, tensor analysis.
  • Statistical machine learning theory research: approximate algorithm, random projection algorithm, sparse learning, etc.
  • Bias image algorithm research: Gauss process, theme model, hidden variable model.
  • Optimization and inference of machine learning: optimization algorithm, Inference Variational, advanced sampling algorithm, hybrid algorithm.
  • Machine learning big data platform research: online learning, distributed learning.
  • Machine learning data analysis in the field of social network, neural information, health, safety and so on.

Research Projects

  • 2017/1-2018/12, Teachers basic research projects of Central University, Multi - source data analysis and its application in emergency decision-making of surgical emergency ward, forty thousands.
  • 2017/1-2019/12Major key cultivation projects in central university, Research and application of knowledge calculation based on social network big data, 1 million.
  • 2014-2018, Study of Big data analytics and scalable machine learning, 985 Special Funding Support from University of Electronic Science & Technology of China, Principle Investigator, RMB 2 Million
  • 2011-2015, Scalable Bayesian learning for multi-source and multi-aspect data, National Science Foundation, Major Participant, USD 180K
  • 2009-2013, Relational learning and inference for network models, National Science Foundation, Major Participant, USD 310K
  • 2008-2010, Theoretical Investigation on Kernel-based Maximum a Postriori(MAP), Classifiers Under Gaussianity Assumption, Hong Kong RGC, Major Participant, HKD 396K
  • 2007-2009, The Exploration of Low Density and Manifold Assumptions in Semi-supervised Learning, Hong Kong RGC, Major Participant, HKD 310K
  • 2006-2008, A Study of Kernel-based Discriminant Classifiers, CUHK Direct Grant, Major Participant, HKD 100K